Bob Linger – CEO

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Bob Linger Founder | CEO

Founder and CEO Bob Linger, established  New Marketing Lighthouse with one goal: to help companies grow their business by utilizing  new marketing strategies integrating content development,  internet marketing, social media marketing and video marketing.

Over the past  decade and especially in the last several years, the business marketing landscape has change dramatically. Consumers and businesses seek to learn about companies products and services online prior to making a purchase decision.  While traditional marketers have been slow to adopt new marketing  tactics, Bob has been quick to advocate marketing integration –  linking internet marketing and traditional marketing strategies.

Bob’s unique perspective on content development, born of his nearly three decades in broadcast television gives him a keen understanding of how to create content to engage your customers and grow your business. With strong traditional marketing and extensive professional experience working with Fortune 500 companies, and an aggressive adoption of digital marketing platforms both at the Corporate level and with small business, Bob has established himself as a leading expert in both online and offline marketing.

Connect with Bob Linger:
813-344-2114 Ext 03